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Peter Thomas Media

Peter Thomas Media is a division of Hickman Video Productions, seeking to meet the media needs of churches.
“Without a Doubt, the best choice for all of your Church Media”!!

All 24 of the video’s in the player above can be downloaded for FREE.  

Most are low res Standard Def and a couple are HD.   You can use them for display in your church or on your web site and social media…


Do You Have A Welcome Video On Your Web Site??  If not why not??  

We can help, below are samples of welcome videos we have produced.. Contact us for more information..

twhickman43@comcast.net   or   860-347-9057  

Below are some example of commercials, we would love to produce something for your church similar to these.

They can be use on TV through your local cable TV company as well as on the internet through social media, your web site, YouTube, and more…


Peter and Thomas are dedicated to helping Church’s produce effective media to reach people with the Gospel

We are a Ministry First and a Business Second.

Contact us at 860-347-9057 or twhickman43@comcast.net 

Consider doing an ad campaign and letting us help you do it effectively

Our cost is less than you think and the results will speak for themselves.

Below are some of the services Peter Thomas Media offers!!!!

How much is a persons soul worth??

TV commercials
Welcome video’s & Testimonials 
Web videos
Web site development
Post Card Design
Banner Design
Brochure Design
Bill Board Advertisements
Radio commercials
And More…