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Duplication with full color printing on DVD and paper sleeve..

Full Color printing included on 26 or more copies

Printing on 25 or less is 25 cents per disc.

To have us start a DVD duplication project for you you can send you DVD 2 ways by mail or ISO file, follow the direction below

If you have any questions please call or e-mail us at 860-347-9057 office or e-mail at twhickman43@comcast.net 

Please e-mail the instruction for your duplication project and once we receive your DVD and instruction we will e-mail you an Invoice which you can Pay on Line by Clicking Here

Mail your DVD to us at:   Hickman Video Productions, 206 Camp St., Middletown CT 06457

Fill out the contact us from and tell us about your DVD and how many copies you would like   CLICK HERE

You can also send us an ISO file, just click the link below to send an ISO file

Or Place Them In Our Drop Box by Clicking Here

OK to create an ISO file place your DVD in your computer DVD drive.  Than create a folder on your desktop and Name the folder whatever the DVD is. Click on My Computer and right click on your DVD  than select open, do not select play. Your DVD will open and you will see a Video TS file, there may be an Audio TS file too.  Drag both of the files into the folder you created. Once the files have copied into the folder which could take several minute. Click on the “Place them in our Drop Box link” above and place the folder with the Video TS file in our Drop Box folder.  That’s it, we will get your file and duplicate your DVDs and mail them back to you..

Superfridge DVD Face Label 2012 copy

Using your provided art work Down load DVD form here (Photoshop)

Please note color matching may be slightly different when printed, if exact color is required please let us know.

CDs are 50% less then the prices below and Blu Ray disks are 20% more.. contact us with any questions.

1 to 5 discs  $10    Per disc..

6 to 10 discs $7.50    Per disc..

11 to 25 discs $5.00    Per disc..

26 to 50 discs $4.00    Per disc..

51 to 100 discs $3.75    Per disc..

101 to 300 disc $ 3.25    Per disc..

301 to 500 disc $2.50    Per disc..

26 or more copies are delivered on a spindle

25 or less come in a paper sleeve

Additional add on’s…

DVD box with color insert  $1.25 per disc up to 50

1.00 for 51 to 100,  .75 for 101 to 300,  .50 for 301 to 500

Gatekeeper program St Lukes 2014 spanish copy

Send us your graphics and we will create your DVD cover for only $25.00

The cost to print your covers will depend on how many  you need.

Clear clam shell case or clear DVD box are 25 cents per disc